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    Shop in the Air! Deliver at the Gate!

    Trying something new at the Pax Tech Hack, we built a small shop based on Spryker's GLUE API

    Pax Tech Hack


    FlyByBot be at Pax Tech Hack in April to compete for the best travel bot.


    CodeteCon #KRK4

    We have been invited to show the problems we faced in building our Bot, how we tackled them and how to build better products.


    The future of Chat and Voice Bots

    Our CEO presented a talk about E-commerce integrating with Bots and Voices interfaces at Code.Talks Commerce Berlin 2018.

    Remind Me

    Alexa Skill + FB Messenger Bot

    Attending the FUNKE DIGITAL Hackathon was a fun experience, but most important was an occasion to test our bot technology, so to integrate our FB Messenger Bot with an Alexa Skill.


    We proudly attended Bot Hackathon in Berlin

    It was a thrilling experience to present our technology to the FUNKE DIGITAL Hack in Berlin. In a weekend full of coding, we have been able to experiment with the latest Bots technology and Alexa Skills.

    {re}coding aviation

    Presentation of the chatbot

    Cicero is proud to present the chat-bot: FlyByBot. A spin-off project that aims to make travel easy.

    Startup Night 2017

    An occasion to build a stronger network

    On the 8th of September we will be at Startup Night. Our business cards are ready!

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